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It was expected that the Freedom of the Press Index would go down for Seychelles because there is an authoritarian government at the lead that silence sits opponent as much as it can.

It does that by controlling thenational media- with eyes insideall that takes place, censors itsopponents and news itemsdeemed unfavourable to the government. Therefore, the localpress, especially the nationalpress, is not serving its purposein our democracy, in which thegovernment is accountable tothe people. When a presidentcancels his live press conferences to avoid embarrassingquestions and is awarded one-to-one interviews with questionshe has, probably, vetted, but theopposing views are banned, it isnot freedom of the press. Even a15-minute television programmeby each political party will beredacted if it contains upsettingwords or images. The oppositionis no longer given a chance tospeak freely in the nationalmedia and keep the people informed of the demagoguery ofthe incompetent government,which is yet to bring back the economy.


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