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‘LDS takes the lead amid undelivered promises’

Be kote??? Sanmenm sa ki zot annan pour dir apre ki zot ti pe ‘take cover’ e kasyet anba lili pandan karantenn?? Menm zournal Weekly ti’n pran konze!!!
Nou ganny dir ki “Seychelles is COVID free; at least for the time being. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is so because the effort to combat the pandemic is being led by a group of thorough professionals with the right leadership and management skills. We were fortunate this task was left in the hands of capable medical professionals.
Though the success to date is being attributed to the political leadership of the head of state, we all know it is not so. Had he, like other heads of state, taken over the management of the pandemic, it would have been a different story altogether. We do not have to create new stories and attempt to belittle the leadership and management skills of President Faure for political advantage but to simply look at the facts.” Me ‘Kouzen Lami’ you are better than that – Give the credit where credit is due! – Politicians should not meddle in public health; this should be left to the health professionals!!!
This is exactly what President Faure did as the Minister responsible for Health; this is what leadership is all about! Me i paret ou’n oubliye ‘Kouzen Lami’, ki zis semenn pase, ou LOTO olye donn kredi nou profesyonnel Lasante dan sa batay kont COVID-19, ti annan en lot versyon! E ou ganny lodas, ‘Kouzen Lami’ pou dir nou ki “LDS continues to lead by example; it is demonstrating it has the ability to bring people together for a common purpose and avert catastrophic consequences.”
Be kote ankor? Zot in donn sa 2020 Budget Amendment 7 zour retar; zot ti refize pour vot an faver sa ‘2020 Amended Budget Bill’ dan son final reading; zot in refize vot lo sa Employment Bill ki ti oule garanti ki travayer Seselwa pa ganny pouse dan zot travay oumwen ziska lafen Zen 2020 – Eski sanmenm sa ‘leadership’ pandan en sitiasyon ‘public health emergency???’ Granmoun i dir ki - “Dan letan dir ek letan difisil ki ou dekouver sa vre karakter en dimoun ki ou kwar ou ti konnen!’ Kestyon pour en sanpyon – Kote zot ti ete depi okomansman ler sa lepidemi COVID-19 ti vin Sesel? Me finalman zot in sorti dan zot sonm! Welcome back to the real world; Nou pei i bezwen tou son zanfan e nou bezwen en konsansis nasyonal pour sa devlopman ek reform sosyo-ekonomik post COVID-19.
Nou senserman krwar ki anba leadership Prezidan Faure nou kapab, e nou pou fer li pour bouz devan, koman en pei; koman en pep – Together As One, As United Seychelles!!! Remember the words of the sage. “When man is no longer faithful to his purpose, destiny deserts him.” So let us make the right decision, this year, 2020! No doubt the future of Seychelles is better guaranteed under the leadership of President Faure!


‘The bitter taste and lessons drawn from Ramkalawan’s flat and square refute to adequately entertain the due merit of the 2020 Budget Amendment “Bill” at day one of its presentation, remains engraved in the minds of the population at large, as a typical example to illustrate to this day and date, the opposition’s stringent political unwillingness to put aside political partisan pig’s pride and cater for the greater good of the nation. Ramkalawan’s selfishness and egocentric behavior had not only brought a seven day delay in the approval of the “Bill” but had immensely contributed towards delaying its implementation. It is evident and clear that many of our fellowmen from the private sector, have immensely suffered in result of Ramkalawan’s irresponsible decision.
Many are those who are still lingering in the dark while awaiting for their April salary……. ‘Such lies and pathetic attempt to con us cannot and should NEVER be allowed to go without being duly sanctioned and punished”, an ex LDS staunch supporter told me. “There is a world of a difference between supporting and voting in favour of a motion and abstaining from the merits of the Bill” she added’


“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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